Time traveling to 1928

About two hours out of Accra is a town called Koforidua.  A trip here traverses history and geography. But only on Thursday mornings when bead merchants from around Ghana and West Africa gather for the weekly bead market.  The market, held at a parking lot, has wares from around Africa, some on display as family heirlooms that will never be sold, “but can be appreciated.”  This tradition goes back to 1928.



About leratomogoatlhe

I fell in love with traveling Africa on a four day trip to Accra in 2006. I started my journeys around the continent in 2008, when I went to Senegal, and around West Africa to launch my dream of knowing Africa through all my senses. I have been to 24 countries (and counting) over five years of stopping everything in my life to focus on one phenomenal continent. #AfricaRocks.
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