A funeral in Abomey

The dancing mourners were followed by a casket and a marching band. Their dance looked like convulsions . 


About leratomogoatlhe

I fell in love with traveling Africa on a four day trip to Accra in 2006. I started my journeys around the continent in 2008, when I went to Senegal, and around West Africa to launch my dream of knowing Africa through all my senses. I have been to 24 countries (and counting) over five years of stopping everything in my life to focus on one phenomenal continent. #AfricaRocks.
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6 Responses to A funeral in Abomey

  1. Tshidi says:

    Hence the Cameroon Anglophones call it death celebration,it seems common or is it?

  2. mel says:

    Until the funeral of the Ghanaian President I had no idea that such funerals exist. I read somewhere that in Ghana black and red are funeral colours and that funerals can take months to take place as the entire family needs to be there for the celebration. monetary gifts are said to be compulsory. Quite fascinating.

    • Lerato Mogoatlhe says:

      Very interesting indeed. In Ghana funerals are a party nje. Music, dancing, happiness. It’s not just tears and sorrow.

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