Why I Travel Africa: West Africa

Africa is my home and I’m emotionally attached. Before I was hooked I was an inexperienced traveler who decided to leave South Africa and “see what happens” when I got to West Africa in 2008. I started in Dakar, Segenal. 23 countries later this is why I love Africa.

1. Segenal: Fast hustlersville. Proud people who walk around in grand boubous oozing airs and graces about being African. This country knows how to celebrate its identity be it as music, clothes, drinks, food or the ease with which one fits in. Dakar is not for the naive but it’s also one Africa’s best experiences.

2. Mali: History, heritage, pride, grace and magic. You’ll never be alone here because it’s just not allowed. People will come over for conversation, offer tea and open their homes and hearts.  Oh, there’s also the phenomenal live music scene.

3. Burkina Faso: Boring little village with the kindest people ever. I loved how safe I felt.

4. Ghana: My first taste was a four day media event and that inspired me to travel around Africa. It’s a captivating country.

5. Ivory Coast: Food, fashion, music, culture and the best night life in West Africa.

6. Guinea Conakry: Madness. Beautiful chaos. It’s the kinda place where you can get into a screaming match with an old man and be back in everyone’s good books by offering kola nuts to the previously offended elders.

7.  Togo: Below the radar with a vortex personality

8. Benin: Voodoo, gold sands, a thousand mopeds, fetish markets and the kinda place where you can be caught up in an ancient masked dance in noughties.

West Africa is Africa is proud to be African. Here you fit in with the flow of life or you run back home. My year and eight months here made me believe that it’s possible for me to pull off my dream of traveling all of Africa.

Soundtrack: Lucku Dube, Bob Marley, Titi, Fode Barro, Salif Keita, Habib Koite,Griot melodies, Wassoulou, P Square, hip life, ancient drum beats and everything African. This is the region to be nje.

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About leratomogoatlhe

I fell in love with traveling Africa on a four day trip to Accra in 2006. I started my journeys around the continent in 2008, when I went to Senegal, and around West Africa to launch my dream of knowing Africa through all my senses. I have been to 24 countries (and counting) over five years of stopping everything in my life to focus on one phenomenal continent. #AfricaRocks.
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