Youssou N’Dor – Birima

My travels usually start with a dangerous obsession to a song that moves me so much knowing it and loving it stops being enough: I have to know the meaning of the words, get their context, learn how to pronounce the words for native speakers and other such details my brain dwells on until I feel like I’m going to die of madness if I don’t follow the sound to its source. Birimi, more than any other songs, has this effect on me. And even though it’s years and many countries later, hearing this song still makes me long for the road with the same intensity I had years ago.

About leratomogoatlhe

I fell in love with traveling Africa on a four day trip to Accra in 2006. I started my journeys around the continent in 2008, when I went to Senegal, and around West Africa to launch my dream of knowing Africa through all my senses. I have been to 24 countries (and counting) over five years of stopping everything in my life to focus on one phenomenal continent. #AfricaRocks.
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